The Importance of freight transport services to your business


The freight industry is huge. The services of this transport sector affect each of us whether we realize it or not. And it could not have become such a huge entity without streamlined processes on the one hand and significant business benefits on the other. This is why various other industries such as manufacturing, distribution industry and the entire supply chain are using freight forwarding to expand and grow. Conversely, these services can be a burden to your company if you are not knowledgeable.


What is freight transport?

Freight transport is a service performed by carriers who transport customers’ goods to their final destination. Freight transport simplifies and covers an essential part of supply chain management. The freight industry manages the entire shipping and delivery process which may include processes such as:

  • Loading goods on trucks.
  • Preparation of all required documents.
  • Management of export and import procedures.
  • Delivery to specific destinations

Therefore, freight transport is the backbone of global trade, as its services form the basis for the movement of customer cargo.

Are freight transport services necessary for a company?

Without freight forwarders, every company that wanted to transport goods would have the obligation to implement with its own personnel procedures such as:

  • Cargo space reservation.
  • Paying expenses to different partners
  • Preparation of specialized documents such as bills of lading etc.
  • Time management to be able to meet specific deadlines.
  • Find customs brokers.
  • Managing receipt of goods from a factory
  • Managing accidents and other unforeseen events
  • Interim storage of goods

So many requirements would distort a business’s primary goals and ultimately increase its costs significantly compared to the alternative of working with a reliable freight forwarder.

Advantages of freight transport/forwarding

Transportation companies offer various services under the general umbrella of freight transportation. For example:

  • They can take care of many modes of transportation such as loading from trucks to sea vessels or other means of transportation.
  • Optimization of routes to minimize the possibility of delayed goods.
  • Handling all necessary documents.
  • Management of unforeseen events and cooperation with insurances.

The importance of a reliable partner in freight transport

A reliable freight forwarder must have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each customer. He must also have a human-centered philosophy thus making his client feel safe. It must have a large network of reliable agents – even more so in international transport. It must be able to handle different types of cargo such as sensitive or dangerous goods or full or part load. Must be able to handle licensing procedures and other tax or legal obligations. It must be able to offer insurance options and have the experience to handle unexpected events. And all this at competitive prices and easy consultation.

Why Panolympic?

A freight transport/forwarding agency is more than just a cargo delivery business. It is a complex structure that facilitates communication with various parties and handles complex and specialized tasks.

Panolympic with over 38 years of experience, over 22 service points and international partnerships with one of the most reliable transport and logistics networks worldwide (such as that of the Rhenus Group) is the answer to every need to transport goods at European level. Flexibility, adaptation to customer needs, knowledge, reliability, personal service, timely receipt and delivery are threads intertwined with our goals and vision.
Panolympic will get your shipment to the right place at the right time at competitive prices. Let’s revolutionize the freight industry together!