The Importance of Germany for Greek Road Freight Services

Γεφυρώνοντας τη Βιομηχανική Ευρώπη


The European freight industry is a complex and dynamic web of interconnected routes, with various nations acting as critical hubs for the movement of goods. Among them, Germany is emerging as a key player due to its geographical location and strong industrial sector. Panolympic Gmbh, a Greek company leading European road freight services since 1985, specializes in this road corridor reliably connecting the two economies.

Γεφυρώνοντας τη Βιομηχανική Ευρώπη

Germany's central role in the European economy

Germany is the leading economic power in Europe and the 4th largest in the world. Its robust industrial sector, which includes automotive, engineering and chemical industries, requires a large volume of freight services for both import and export purposes. During the past year, the total volume of goods transported to and from Germany amounted to 3,108 million tons, which makes Germany the European market leader.

The relationship between the German and Greek economies

Relations between Germany and Greece have traditionally been close.
The German-Greek Action Plan for Bilateral Cooperation provides the framework for intensive cooperation in politics, business and science.
Today, Germany is one of the most important trade partners of Greece, as its main exports are capital goods (machinery and tools), operating materials, transport equipment, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical products, automobiles, food and metals. Germany’s main imports from Greece are food (fruits and vegetables), chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and metals (aluminum, copper). German companies are among the main foreign investors in Greece.
Approximately 24,000 people are employed by more than 130 German companies operating in Greece.
Approximately 361,000 people of Greek origin live in Germany today, while at least 20,000 German nationals have makes Greece their home.

It is therefore obvious that efficient and reliable freight services to and from Germany are of vital importance to the Greek economy.

Panolympic GmbH: Greek-German Bridge

Meet Panolympic Gmbh, a Greek company specializing in road freight transport between Greece and Germany for decades. Through customized, flexible solutions, Panolympic Gmbh ensures the safe and timely transport of goods along this vital corridor.

The company’s approach is clearly personalized. Each transfer is overseen by a specialist agent who works closely with the customer to ensure safe transport to the destination. This personalized approach, combined with the deep understanding of the Greece-Germany freight corridor that we possess at Panolympic Gmbh, enables us to provide an unparalleled service.

The future of freight services

As the European economic landscape continues to evolve, so will the freight industry. Companies such as Panolympic Gmbh, which have proven their ability to adapt and deliver in a changing environment, will continue to play a vital role in bridging industrial Europe.


The importance of Germany in the European freight industry and its impact on Greek freight services is very important. Understanding this dynamic and utilizing it effectively, Panolympic Gmbh continues to provide valuable services to its customers, strengthening economic ties and facilitating trade between Greece and Germany. The future of freight transport lies in the hands of such companies who understand the complexities of Europe’s industrial map and can navigate its international corridors efficiently and reliably.