Panolympic GmbH - Leader in European Road Freight Transport Services

Panolympic is a purely Greek company, leader in the field of European road freight transport services, with 38 years of experience and expertise!

The company was founded in 1985 in Thessaloniki and the following year, with an impressive growth, it had already a simultaneous presence in the two major commercial centers of the country, Athens and Thessaloniki. It became one of the leading companies in Greece specializing in transporting goods between Greece and Germany.

Dedicated to the provision of flexible transport services, from the first moment of its establishment, Panolympic set its goal to offer high level services with consistency, responsibility, flexibility and efficiency.

A Wide Network of European Agents

Panolympic since the very first day have focused and developed the Greece – Germany road freight transport network by entering into strategic partnerships with big players of the sector of transport and logistics there.

Over the years, it consolidated its presence in Germany through an exclusive partnership with the German giant Rhenus Logistics, while at the same time widened its network of European correspondents.

At the moment, through a well-organized network, it carries out weekly road routes, transporting goods to and from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Italy and Cyprus.

Flexibility - Speed - Reliability

The services of Panolympic GmbH cover the needs of even the most demanding customers. Either in the case of partial (groupage) loads (with special expertise) or in the case of full loads, it guarantees the timely and safe collection, transport and delivery of goods at the most competitive prices.

It also provides additional services such as goods insurance and secure storage while it can handle any type of cargo such as dangerous cargo .

It own fully equiped storage spaces with self-contained covered loading ramps, forklifts and a fleet of car trucks, all equipped with a hydraulic door for smooth collections and deliveries within urban areas.

It ensures the timely collection and distribution of goods both in islandic and mainland Greece with the possibility of same-day delivery to Athens and Thessaloniki .

Panolympic serves all types of loads such as import/export of loads based on full loads (FTL – fullloads), groupage (LTL-groupage) and partial loads (PTL – partloads).

Also provides consultancy services in the preparation of necessary transport documents, conducts regular inventory checks while reporting in real time, provides cargo consolidation and segregation, etc.

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Environmental Awareness

Panolympic fervently supports any regular action or initiative that has an ecological character and contributes to the protection of the environment, especially in the transport sector where the emission of exhaust gases is a given from the continuous movement of the various means of transport. Starting with green tactics within its daily operations, such as the prudent consumption of paper and stationery and the procurement of corresponding recycled ones, it cultivates ecological awareness with external green policies.

Panolympic - Principles, Mission, Vision

Panolympic GmbH is primarily a company based on the values of people and partners! Both our internal organization and operation, as well as our service delivery, are governed by a strong framework of principles while serving our clear mission and vision.

In our ethics one can find :

  • A corporate structure based on direct management/employee cooperation
  • The promotion of a family team spirit in the business
  • A continuous innovative adaptation to economic development

Primarily, however, the satisfaction of our customers and partners is set as the highest goal of the company! And it is this goal that guides our evolution in an ever-changing and competitive tomorrow.

Our Mission

Panolympic GmbH has served a mission since its inception: To excel in the European road freight industry and Groupage Freight in particular. We are dedicated to providing customizable solutions that focus on the unique requirements of our valued customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to be a pioneer in the European road transport sector while expanding our network. We aspire to set the standard in seamless and safe freight transport, guided by our expert agents who work hand-in-hand with our customers.


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