Answers to your Questions

Cost Calculation

What is the weight-volume relationship?

In road transport the volume weight ratio is 1 : 3. This means that 1 cubic meter corresponds to 333 kg.

How many kilograms correspond to the current meter on a car?

For pricing, as there are many times that the merchandise occupies more floor space than would correspond to its weight, the current meter is calculated at 1,750 kg.

What information do you need to send me a transport quote?

In order to provide a transport offer you need to inform us about the pick-up and delivery point, the type of unit (pallet or carton), the number of pieces, the type of goods, the gross weight, its dimensions, its value, if they are stackable. In addition, we need to be informed about whether it is dangerous cargo. You can get a quote by filling out the detailed form

Transport Process

Is it possible to collect the freight from my headquarters?

Yes it is. Collection is done by local transport trucks from points that they can enter and park and takes place on working days and times (Monday – Friday) by prior arrangement.

What delivery options are available for importing goods?

Upon the arrival of the goods at our warehouse, we inform you that they have arrived and, depending on the agreement made, the delivery takes place. For the major urban centers of Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki, we deliver with our own trucks to your headquarters, for the rest of Greece there is the possibility of delivery via an internal transport agency.

What is the delivery time for shipments to Europe?

Delivery days range from 3-6 working days from the date of truck departure. The exact date depends on the country and city of delivery

How should I pack my goods for road transport to Europe?

To ensure the safety of items during transport, they should be packed according to their type. For goods placed in cartons, it is recommended to fill the voids with materials that protect against vibrations, such as paper, styrofoam, or bubble wrap. Large items that cannot fit in boxes should be wrapped with bubble wrap and thick cardboard. For very fragile goods, it is recommended to place them in a wooden box. Items that are not properly packed or that are in plain packaging, for example, plain shipping film, are transported only at your own risk, upon your written declaration.

What information should my merchandise carry?

To avoid loss, all pieces / packages must be labeled in a visible place with complete details of the recipient – Name, address and contact phone number. Additionally, they should be numbered like the following example: if we have 6 pieces (glue) they are numbered 1/6, 2/6, 3/6 and so on. In case the objects are fragile, there should be the indication FRAGILE and with an arrow the indication UP pointing to its upper side, for its correct placement in the load.

Do you offer cargo insurance for shipping to Europe?

Goods transported are covered by general CMR insurance. Additionally, and ONLY for new items, all risk insurance can be provided upon your request with a surcharge of 3‰ on the value and a minimum charge of €30 + VAT Note: in order to be able to carry out all-risk insurance, it is necessary to have the invoice of the goods

What are the pickup times from your warehouse?

Deliveries are made from 08:00 to 15:30 Monday-Friday. After telephone consultation, it may be possible to pick up at another time


Do you have more Questions?

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